The Top 5 ICOs to Watch in 2023

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The ICO space has become so crowded that it can be difficult to find the best projects. To help you sift through all the noise, we’ve compiled a list of five ICOs that have the potential to disrupt their industries in 2023.

1. Ternio

Ternio is a blockchain-based utility token built on top of the Stellar blockchain. Ternio’s protocol is designed to solve for the transparency, speed and cost associated with digital advertising.

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Ternio’s Block Card is a simple way for advertisers to pay their suppliers in real time with no middlemen involved. The block card can be used as payment at any merchant that accepts Visa cards or any other cryptocurrency supported by Ternio.


Sirin Labs is a consumer electronics company that develops blockchain-based mobile devices. The company was founded in 2013 by Moshe Hogeg, Kenges Rakishev and Nimrod May.

In December 2018, Sirin Labs raised $157 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) for its blockchain phone called Finney. The device is scheduled to be released in October 2019 at a cost of $999 per unit or about 0.15 BTC at the time of writing this article (May 2019).

3. VeChain

VeChain is a blockchain-based platform that aims to improve the supply chain management process. The project uses blockchain technology to digitize the supply chain process, which allows for more efficient and secure transactions between companies and their customers.

VeChain utilizes Smart Contracts, which allow users to create their own digital agreements on top of VeChain’s public ledger, in order to record and manage transactions between different parties throughout a supply chain.

4. PetroDollar

In a nutshell, PetroDollar is an ERC-20 token that’s backed by oil reserves. The team behind the project has stated that it is either going to be listed on Binance or Huobi Pro. If you want to get in on this ICO, then I’d recommend doing so before the end of their pre-sale because it ends soon (August 15th).

The company behind this project plans on creating an ecosystem around its own cryptocurrency which will include an exchange, debit cards and more.

5. Shopin

Shopin is a decentralized blockchain based platform that will allow retailers to improve their customer experience and offer them with more personalized shopping experiences.

Shopin’s mission is to create a more sustainable retail economy by enabling shoppers to own their data, control who has access to it, and receive rewards for sharing that information.

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We’re excited to announce that our website has been updated with the Top 5 ICOs to watch in 2023. The article will provide you with more details on each project, including their websites and whitepapers.

The list includes projects like Ternio and SIRIN LABS, which are both looking like they could be major players in the blockchain space this year and beyond.


We hope that this list has provided you with some valuable information on the top ICOs of 2023. We wish you all the best in your crypto journey and look forward to hearing from you soon!

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