Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia 2023

Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia 2023 Boosts Tourism

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The West Nusa Tenggara tourism industry will grow as a result of Mandalika Lombok hosting the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia in 2023. A number of business advocates in the area genuinely feel this way.

Fadjar Djoko Santoso, vice president of corporate communication for PT Pertamina (Persero), also believes that this event would be able to have a multiplier effect on economic growth, benefiting local MSMEs and players in the tourism sector.

In a formal statement released on Saturday, October 14, 2023, Fadjar expressed his hope that the formation of the organization will provide MSMEs and business operators with a chance to access a larger global market.

Ahmad Yani, a Cidomo driver on Gili Trawangan, was one of the business activists who benefited from this event.

He said that Gili Trawangan’s and the area around Lombok’s tourism industry was shut down entirely during the pandemic. However, the economy and tourism industry saw a significant uptick when a world racing event was held at the Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit last year.

“All resident activities on Gili Trawangan were prohibited during COVID. Thank God it rose when the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix took place in Indonesia. There were so many visitors arriving to Gili that we were at capacity and couldn’t take any more. Our earnings also rose. “Since two days before the event, many tourists have come,” Ahmad stated.

On Gili Trawangan, a bicycle rental guard named Sahrip added that typically, foreign visitors arrive a few days before and after the game.

“Travelers typically visit following the Mandalika MotoGP. Others reserved Gili accommodations after the event and just crossed the border. Tourists who travel for the MotoGP typically take a holiday afterward rather than returning immediately, he said.

A visitor from Austria named John said something similar. John was excited to watch the Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia 2023 when we first met at the Lombok International Airport. The race was taking place in Mandalika. He will spend a week on vacation in Lombok after viewing the racing event.

“MotoGP in Indonesia is something that I’m quite interested in, so I came to see this event. I’ll travel around Lombok after the event to swim, snorkel, climb, and take in the scenery for a vacation,” he said.

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