These 9 game companies in Asia Start Web3 Gaming Project

These 9 Game Companies in Asia Start Web3 Gaming Project

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Game firms have started to transition from Web2 to Web3 in recent years. Game firms are beginning to recognize the potential of their market position and presence in Asia to investigate blockchain and NFTs.

Asia’s Potential for Web-3 Gaming

Given that there are 1.7 billion gamers worldwide, or around 55% of all gamers, the Asian region has enormous potential in the web-based gaming industry.

Data from Chaindebrief shows that 52% of the global annual game revenue, or US$72 billion, was generated in the Asia area in 2019.

East Asian nations, particularly China, Japan, and South Korea, dominate the gaming business in Asia.

This is demonstrated by the fact that 62 of the top 100 gaming businesses in the world by market value are from these three nations.

9 Businesses Have Adopted Web3 Gaming

Nine gaming businesses who have planned or will plan their initiatives in the web3 gaming sector are listed below.

1. Sony

With its most recent patent filing for NFT technology, Sony is stepping into the blockchain realm. In order to improve user experience and grow its business, this displays its dedication to developing a digital infrastructure standard that would allow gamers to hold and transfer digital NFT assets across various platforms.

2. Bandai Namco

With the debut of Side-G, an interactive gaming and media network with a Gundam theme, Bandai Namco is bolstering its NFT objectives. This will cover Gunpla figurines, e-sports, and Gundam metaverse video games. The company’s blockchain initiatives will benefit from this action being taken.

3. Wemade

WeMade, a Korean game developer, has seen tremendous growth as a result of the popularity of Mir 4 Global, a blockchain game based on the well-known game IP The Legend of Mir.

WeMade decided to construct its own Layer-1 blockchain, WEMIX Chain, in order to create an entire blockchain ecosystem in response to a drop in the price of gaming governance tokens. The corporation is worth $2 billion in US dollars.

4. Netmarble

The South Korean gaming juggernaut Netmarble has chosen blockchain as a new growth engine and has entered the market with its Marblex platform, based in Klaytn, and FNCY, based in BSC, which focuses on entertainment.

In 2022, Marblex will have 22.5 million game downloads and 13 million users. In 2023, it will release new games based on its primary IP, Let’s Get Rich. With this dual strategy, Netmarble aims to increase its market share in the blockchain industry.

5. Com2US

A PoS blockchain named XPLA is being created by Com2uS, a Korean game developer, using the Cosmos SDK. The business is most known for the popular mobile game Summoner’s War, and it intends to use blockchain technology to further its influence in the gaming sector.

6. Square Enix

Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were made famous by the Japanese video game developer Square Enix. Blockchain games are planned by the business as a medium- to long-term growth strategy.

Based on 10,000 NFTs, they are creating the NFT game “Symbiogenesis,” which will debut on the Polygon blockchain. This suggests that Square Enix intends to examine blockchain games’ potential in more detail in the future.

7. Sega

The biggest Japanese gaming firm, Sega, will collaborate with Double Jump Tokyo, another Japanese game development studio, to release its first blockchain title in late 2022. Based on the Sega Sangokushi Taisen series, Oasys will be used to build the game and support its blockchain components.

8. Oasys

A blockchain game business called Oasys from Japan was able to secure over $5 million in funding from reputable investors.

By mixing blockchain and NFT technology into their games, the company is dedicated to creating cutting-edge gaming experiences.

“Defend the Kingdoms,” a play-to-earn strategy game that will premiere in Q3 2023 and has already drawn more than 50,000 pre-registrations, is their flagship project.

9. YGG

Through guilds, YGG Japan, a platform for growing the blockchain game business in Japan, brings together a gaming community and provides financial aid for regional games.

YGG Japan makes use of the distinctive ecology in Japan, which is home to some of the most well-known intellectual property worldwide. In a private investment round on January 30, 2023, YGG Japan raised US$2.95 million with the help of 18 businesses, including Square Enix, SEGA, and Labs.