Filecoin Confirms Mainnet Launch Date Next Month!

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After successfully raising $ 205 Million from an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), Filecoin confirmed that it would launch a network mainnet soon!

Reporting from an official post on September 27, the blockchain-based storage service provider, Filecoin, will officially launch its mainnet network on block 148,888 on October 15, 2020.

Different from Amazon Web Services, Cloudflare, or Google Drive, this project is designed as an alternative to decentralized file and data storage. With the solution provided, Filecoin managed to raise as much as $ 205 million in a token sale, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), in 2017.

Reporting from Coindesk, this project has also succeeded in maintaining industry interest by developing 230 other projects and involving 1,000 developers when this network appears to the public later.
Filecoin Capacity

Not only that, more than 400 miners from around the world have participated in the September 2020 “Space Race” testnet phase. The data capacity used when the testnet has increased by more than 325+ pebibytes, or the equivalent of seven times the total written works of mankind that have been made in all languages.

Not complacent, Filecoin is still working to add more storage capacity, optimize operations and run the latest tests, and allow members of the Filecoin community to set up their own systems before launch.

Around 3.5 million original FIL tokens will be distributed in advance to the participants of the Space Race testnet. In time, these tokens will function and be used as a tool to buy and sell online repositories.

Even though the FIL launch has not been implemented, global investors are ready to own FIL tokens by buying FILT2 tokens. This token is used as an IOU token before the FIL token comes out on the market. Later, these FILT2 tokens will be exchanged for FIL tokens when they are launched on the market.

For only 128 USD, investors from Indonesia can also participate by buying FILT2 tokens on the official IPFSBlox website here.