How to get free bitcoins on the internet

The internet has made it easier for us in all things, both in learning and earning money on the internet. Even though you can get Bitcoin easily through sites spread on the internet. Below we present 4 ways to get free bitcoins on the internet that are commonly used by bitcoin hunters.

1. Airdrop

Those of you who often play PUBG games may be familiar with this word. Yes, the concept is pretty much the same. You will get a supply of free cryptocurrency from the digital coin developer that you follow the airdrop. Coins or tokens are available for free, sometimes you just need to do simple tasks like like, share, and subscribe to their social media. There are also some airdrops that require participants to own a certain cryptocurrency before getting their airdrop distribution.

2. Bounty

In Indonesian, bounty means a gift. In the cryptocurrency world, bounties are a way to distribute cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is shared with certain conditions that must be met by bounty hunters. Some examples of bounties that are widely available are bounties for promoting new cryptocurrencies issued by developers through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process.

Bounty hunters are usually required to perform tasks such as translating their whitepaper and official website into a specific language including Indonesian, creating articles on blogs, sharing their social media posts, creating content on YouTube, or even finding the most complex bugs from the platform. created by a team of developers.

For example, ethereum has a bounty program for participants who find bugs on their platform. The ethereum bounty program offers prizes ranging from $ 500 – $ 2500. As per the latest update on the site, a bounty hunter named Martin Holst Swende has managed to raise $ 33500 from this ethereum bounty program. A lot, right?

For those of you who feel that the ethereum bounty program is complicated or beyond your capacity, you can visit the Bitcoin Indonesia Forum or Bitcointalk to find the latest bounty program that is easier to follow.

3. Selling services

Selling services can be categorized as a way to get free bitcoins. You can sell your expertise on cryptocurrency forums, such as the Bitcointalk Forum. There, you can sell services or even products. The services offered range from simple ones such as translating, selling articles, graphic design, to more complex services such as Social Media Marketing (SMM) or even programming. You can request payment for your services using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.

4. Mining / mining

One of the ways to get bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is to mine it. Mining bitcoin or cryptocurrency now requires a computer device with high specifications, especially with high-end VGA cards. For those of you who already have a computer with high specifications, congratulations because this method can be your alternative to being able to get free bitcoin.

You can make a site like What to Mine as a reference to find out how much cryptocurrency can be obtained, the electrical energy required, and the estimated income using the VGA Card that is registered there.

For those of you who don’t have high-spec computer devices to mine bitcoin, you can try free cloud mining that is widely available on the Internet. Simply put, cloud mining is buying resources from sophisticated computers owned by providers for you to use in the mining process. It’s simpler because you don’t have to bother setting up mining tools. But still be careful because some free cloud mining ends up being a scam.

Exchange the game into bitcoin on the exchange market

After you have successfully collected cryptocurrency for free, you are required to exchange that cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency that you want to invest in.

For example, you want to invest in bitcoin while you get PundiX tokens (NPXS) from the bounty or airdrop. You need to exchange these NPXS tokens into BTC on the exchange market where the tokens are available for trading. There are many exchange markets you can visit to trade cryptocurrency. The biggest so far is Binance, and for Indonesia, Indodax is still the most popular.

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