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Google Revokes Prohibition of Ethereum Wallet Application which was previously suspected of Mining Crypto Currencies

Wednesday (1/1/2020) then Google restored the Ethereum application, MetaMask, after accidentally removing it from the Play Store.

Earlier this week, Google lifted the ban on the Ethereum wallet application, MetaMask, after removing it from the Play Store a week earlier. The wallet application made its announcement in a tweet on the first day of 2020.

MetaMask was banned last week after Google believed that the application was mining crypto currencies. Under the terms of use of the Google Play Store, mining applications are not permitted on the platform.

However, MetaMask is not an application for mining cryptocurrency, but rather functions as a cryptocurrency and token wallet, which allows users to interact directly with Ethereum dapps (distributed applications).

Google has a chaotic past when the crypto currency application is present in its Play Store. In July 2018, Google banned cryptocurrency mining applications from its Play Store. An Ars Technica report in 2017 found that dangerous malware mining cryptocurrency installed on cellphones can physically damage a device if left unchecked for too long.

Indeed, Google is blocking mining applications for the benefit of its users. However, 30 days after the initial ban, Play Store still displays many applications that violate its policy updates. After Google knows there are applications that break the rules, Google usually acts relatively quickly to delete them. For the MetaMask case, it seems Google is too fast to pull it.

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