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Get to know CoinDaily Telegram Group

Did you know that CoinDaily has a community or group on Telegram social media for blockchain and cryptocurrency activists? CoinDaily Telegram groups or communities are formed so that all activists like you have a place to interact and exchange ideas or ideas. Not only that, there are some other benefits or benefits that you can get by joining the CoinDaily Telegram community. Here is the complete information.

  1. Request bot
    Unlike other instant messaging applications, Telegram has a special feature, which can use bots. In the CoinDaily Telegram group, we utilize and develop these features so that community members or groups can use them for a number of things. You can see the guide to using the bot here.
  2. Interact with fellow activists in the field of blockchain and cyptocurrency
    The purpose of forming CoinDaily community with Telegram is to gather activists in the field of blockchain and cyptocurrency so that you and your fellow activists can interact and exchange ideas.
  3. Get the latest news or updates about the world of cryptocurrency
    CoinDaily is the first cryptocurrency portal in Indonesia. By joining the CoinDaily Telegram community, you will get the latest news and updates about cryptocurrency through the CoinDaily website.

The CoinDaily Telegram community or group currently has around 8,000 members. So what are you waiting for? For those of you who have not joined the Telegram community or group from CoinDaily, you can access through your Telegram application.

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