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Game companies will pay players for mining crypto

When sales of crypto chips fell, chipmakers sought alternative methods of generating revenue. One of them like the giant gaming equipment, Razer. The company wants to pay gamers to mine crypto using Razer graphics cards.

This new crypto award program is called Razer SoftMiner. Users of personal computer games (PCs) can use the graphics processor or GPU to mine “Silver” (Razer Silver), which according to the company is actually not cryptocurrency.

The rule for the miners is that they cannot save what they are mining, but exchange the rewards to get rewards in the form of discounts or other offers from the company.

In a tweet, Razer’s company account stated, “Are there rig games in the idle at home? Here’s a new way to get Razer Silver: open Razer SoftMiner on your PC and start collecting Silver – one step closer to the prize you want, without doing anything at all. ”

According to PC Gamers, this program comes with a warning that running this software will use a significant amount of the power of your GPU.

The program FAQ explains, “We work with crypto mining technology to utilize your computer’s GPU. Next, we award you with Silver, give you access to the Razer ecosystem and get a series of prizes. ”

The San Francisco-based company will store crypto coins from user mining and offer users to other tokens in exchange for prizes. However, until now it has not been determined which cryptocurrency will be mined, but certainly cryptocurrency must be mined using graphics cards and not high-powered hardware.

Razer added that mining speed will be affected by GPU specifications and the amount of idle time that can be dedicated to it. If the user has the right settings, the user can get around 500 Razer Silver or more a day.

A source processes the figure above and earns a value of around US $ 0.44 per day to mine at full strength, or US $ 0,0009 per token.

When considering the cost of electricity and hardware wear, the acquisition is not profitable. The advantage is evident in the use of Razer SoftMiner, especially if it can accumulate the acquisition of crypto at a low price and then sell deposits when the crypto market recovers.

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