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Bitcoin SV Rise Up 100%

Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) has jumped more than 100% today, the value of BSV now touches a figure above $ 400 which is the highest value of all time.

This increase was followed by news if Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who proclaimed himself as one of the creators of Bitcoin or the person behind the name Satoshi Nakamoto, told the court if he had the key to accessing Tulip Trust’s crypto wealth worth $ 8.9 billion.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency based on market capitalization exceeding Litecoin and Tether. The price in 24 hours touched the figure of $ 441.20 on Tuesday.

Craig Wright Reportedly Received Key of Tulip Trust

As Cryptopotato reported at the top of last year, Wright was alleged to receive a personal key for 1 million BTC on January 1, the key was sent to him by courier.

He was ordered to send half of the bitcoin that was mined, worth about $ 4 billion, and argued that the coins were locked and helped in the Tulip Trust.

It’s actually not clear whether the rumors about Wright receiving the key are correct, but this could have an impact on the price of the BSV.

The Rapidly Rising Bitcoin SV Brings Suspicion

For BSV owners, of course this is good news, but not a few are actually suspicious of this sudden and too rapid increase.

For example, there is one trader with a twitter account @jayden_crypto recently making a post about his suspicion of rising prices and the capitalist market of Bitcoin SV.

He is suspicious of the total similarity of the BSV market capitalist with the last 24 hours of Bitcoin SV.

“When the entire market capitalisation equals 24-hour volume, you recognize something (scam) is occurring ,” Jayden wrote.

When viewed in the uploaded picture, the difference in market capitalist with a 24-hour volume is only around US $ 200,000,000. This post was responded to by a BSV user.

Although BSV has increased very rapidly in a matter of days even hours users should be demanded not to be too emotional in responding to this.

In-depth analysis and research is needed if you want to buy or sell BSV so that you don’t experience losses in a short time.

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