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2020 Vexanium Focuses on Blockchain Education, Adoption and Collaboration

Vexanium in 2019 successfully launched mainnet and invited several developers to launch Dapps. In 2020, the focus of Vexanium core developers will be 3 namely Education, Adoption, and Collaboration.

1. Education

Currently Vexanium tries to continue to look for new seeds, especially among programmers. One of the programs currently running is Vegxanium in collaboration with Nodes Community to organize Vexanium Goes to Campus with a mission to find new developers. Vexanium also makes some online training or classes that can be seen at In addition, there are also various webinars which will continue to be conducted regularly, in collaboration with several media. For the education portal, Vexanium has set up and a portal for developers.

2. Adoption

There will be many decentralized applications and blockchain applications running on the Vexanium protocol so that a lot of Dapp will be created, specifically DeFi (Decentralized Finance). DeFi has three basic points namely decentralized exchange, stable coins, and credits. These three things will run on the Vexanium platform.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration from Vexanium will continue, in particular looking for more new blockproducers or validators, and collaborating with startups and the government. In addition, at this time vexanium is also developing blockchain-based applications, especially blockchain-based supply chain applications, which hopefully this application can be used this year.

The Dapps Incentive Program will also run every quarter of 2020, hoping to increase the interest of Dapp or DeFi makers to run it using the Vexanium protocol.

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